Mobile Applications

This section contains changes made to all mobile applications.

Changes are considered either Enhancements or Fixes. The Enhancement and Fix sections are ordered chronologically.

  • Enhancements are changes made to improve a functionality.
  • Fixes are changes made to correct a bug or error in the system.


Recent Accounts
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: MatrixVivid!71
When searching for accounts within Tech Assist, users can quickly access the last six accounts they viewed from the Recent Accounts dropdown available within the menu.
Path: Tech Assist > Recent Accounts

Disable Accounts
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: MatrixVivid!73
Users can now add disables to accounts within the app. These disables can cover a range of dates and times as necessary.
Path: Tech Service > Disables

Remember Me
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: MatrixVivid!76
When logging in, users can select the Remember Me option. This option will ensure the Username field is pre-populated with the user’s username the next time they log in.
Path: Tech Assist

Version & Build Information
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: MatrixVivid!77
Added the version and build information to the login screen.
Path: Tech Service


Manage Zones
Ticket Number: 376698
GitLab ID: Core!4681, Core!4676, & Core!4677
Updated the application to properly allow technicians to create and manage zones on accounts via the app.
Path: Matrix Mobile Service > Zones

Contacts Failing to Load
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: MatrixVivid!78 & Core!5250
Corrected issue that caused contacts to not display within mobile applications.
Path: Mobile Apps where contacts display

Account Status
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: MatrixVivid!83
Corrected the account status to properly display if the account is disabled or enabled.
Path: Tech Service

Disable Button Size
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: MatrixVivid!79
Updated the disable button throughout the app so it will display properly on phone/device screens of all sizes.
Path: Tech Assist

Error Messages
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: MatrixVivid!84
Clarified existing error messages so users understand they cannot make changes to accounts when they’re locked.
Path: Tech Assist

Events Only Streams
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: MatrixVivid!82
Clarified if a camera is configured as an events only stream within Camera Setup. These cameras do not display live view so they will not display within the app.
Path: Tech Service

Fixing Default Disable Times
Ticket Number: 390090
GitLab ID: Core!5316 & Core!5312
Corrected the default times that display when adding a disable to properly reflect the time of the selected account.
Path: Tech Assist > Disable option

End of Day Timesheet Entry
Ticket Number: 390431
GitLab ID: Core!5347
Corrected the End of Day timesheet entry to properly update when a non-billable service ticket is completed.
Path: Matrix Mobile Service