Release Date: February 22, 2024

This section contains changes made to Matrix that affect more than one module, or a module with fewer changes made than required to provide a separate section for that module.

Changes are considered either Enhancements or Fixes. The Enhancement and Fix sections for each module/application are ordered chronologically.

  • Enhancements are changes made to improve a functionality.
  • Fixes are changes made to correct a bug or error.

New Pages

These new pages have been added to Matrix! Add them to your menu using Menu Generator.

SMS Notify Message
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: Matrix!7542 & Core!4524
The SMS Notify Message page allows users to create a default message to send to contacts when notifying them about alarms received on their accounts. See the Notify Message documentation for instructions on how to utilize this page.
Path: Matrix > SMS Notify Message

PBX Whitelist
Ticket Number: 374604
GitLab ID: Matrix!7590
The PBX Whitelist page allows users to permit traffic on data entered IP addresses. Users can also quickly add camera IPs to assist with troubleshooting camera issues. See the PBX Whitelist documentation for instructions on how to utilize this page.
Path: Matrix > PBX Firewall Whitelist

Report Dashboard
Ticket Number: 371525
GitLab ID: Matrix!7539
The Report Dashboard page provides users with detailed data in relation to the alarm handling efficiency of operators. See the Report Dashboard documentation for instructions on how to utilize this page.
Path: Matrix > Operator Dashboard

Site Logo Setup
Ticket Number: 372994
GitLab ID: Matrix!7559 & Core!4597
The Site Logo Setup page allows users to upload an alternate logo to their Matrix environment. This logo will display on the login screen and in the upper left corner of the site. See the Site Logo Setup documentation for instructions on how to utilize this page.
Path: Matrix > Site Logo Setup

UL Notice
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: Matrix!7882 & Core!5271
The UL Notice page displays DICE Software UL compliance information. This information is used during UL inspections so the inspector can verify the software’s compliance.
Path: Matrix > UL Notice


Loading DMP Chart Codes
Ticket Number: 376002
GitLab ID: Matrix!7596
When updating DMP chart codes under the Chart Code Maintenance tab, users will now see an additional column within the Chart Code Lookup table: SPC Format. The SPC Format column will display the signal format assigned to the different chart codes.
Path: Matrix > Data Entry Admin > Chart Code Maintenance tab

View Contact Information
Ticket Number: 374947
GitLab ID: Matrix!7595
When uploading Subscriber CSV files, users now have access to the View Contacts toolbar options. This option will display contact information included within the uploaded CSV.
Path: Matrix > Subscriber CSV Import

Allow Premises Within CSV Import
Ticket Number: 378486
GitLab ID: Matrix!7652
Users can now import premises information using the Subscriber CSV Import. The new column headers allowed are: site_phone, site_name, and site_info.
Path: Matrix > Subscriber CSV Import

Store Number Table
Ticket Number: 375866
GitLab ID: Core!7719
Updated the Store Number Lookup and Matching Store Lookup tables to highlight inactive accounts.
Path: Matrix

New Account Lookup Columns
Ticket Number: 387108
GitLab ID: Matrix!7877
Three new columns, Last Sig Type; Last Sig Zone; and Last Sig When, have been added to all applicable Sort options when searching for accounts. These columns will display information regarding the last received signal on the account.
Path: Matrix > Account Search

Emergency Hot Key
Ticket Number: 382052
GitLab ID: Matrix!7763 & Core!4925
The new hot key, alt+b, will automatically lock the user from Matrix. This is for emergency use and will generate a panic alarm for the operator when used. Users can unlock locked users by resetting their invalid attempts within Matrix User Maintenance.
Path: Matrix


Honor All Wait timer when sending SMS messages
Ticket Number: 371845
GitLab ID: Core!4579
When sending SMS messages to contacts, the All Wait timer will be honored when applicable.
Path: Matrix > Outbound Quantum Operator > Types tab

AR Number
Ticket Number: 379913
GitLab ID: Matrix!7835
When viewing dealers, the Customer Number field will now properly display the dealer’s assigned AR number.
Path: Matrix > Dealer Maintenance

Group Maintenance
Ticket Number: 380196
GitLab ID: Matrix!7843 & Core!5206
Corrected performance issue that would cause the Group Maintenance page to lock up when rendering a large number of accounts.
Path: Matrix > Dealer Maintenance

Hide Save Layout Button
Ticket Number: 377202
GitLab ID: Matrix!7628
Removed the Save Layout toolbar option from the Live History scroll for users who do not have permission to save changes to the table.
Path: Matrix > Live History Scroll

Caller ID Search
Ticket Number: 375387
GitLab ID: Matrix!7643
Updated the caller ID search functionality throughout Matrix to properly handle caller IDs of 10 or fewer characters.
Path: Matrix

Adding New Monitoring Checklists
Ticket Number: 377859
GitLab ID: Matrix!7646
Corrected issue that prevented newly saved checklists from displaying within the lookup.
Path: Matrix > Monitoring Checklist Editor > Checklist Name lookup

Copy Additional Email Contact
Ticket Number: 380543
GitLab ID: Core!4881
Corrected issue that caused the system to not copy additional email contacts on accounts when copying account data. Now, all contacts will be copied correctly.
Path: Matrix > Data Entry Admin > Copy Account Data

Clear Quick Payment Information
Ticket Number: 380835
GitLab ID: Matrix!7740
When processing a quick payment the fields will automatically clear once the system processes payment.
Path: Matrix > Residential Portal > Make a Payment

PIN Codes Incorrectly Displaying
Ticket Number: 386551
GitLab ID: Matrix!7854 & Core!5220
Contact PIN codes will only display if they are configured to. This fix corrects a bug that displayed PIN codes within Commercial Portal despite the flag SHOW-PINCODES-IN-DE being set to N.
Path: Matrix > Commercial Portal

Multiple Messages Fix
Ticket Number: 381676
GitLab ID: Core!4919
Corrected issue that caused dealer users to receive multiple SMS messages.
Path: Matrix