This section contains changes applied to applications within CORE.

Changes are considered either Enhancements or Fixes. The Enhancement and Fix sections for each module/application are ordered chronologically.

  • Enhancements are changes made to improve a functionality.
  • Fixes are changes made to correct a bug or error.

General CORE

The following section contains Enhancements and Fixes for changes made to Core that affect more than one module, or a module with fewer changes made than required to provide a separate section for that module.


Inventory Price Change Utility
Ticket Number: 375319
GitLab ID: Core!4657
Modified the Inventory Price Changer option to allow agents to choose which cost value to use as the basis when determining sale price. Previously, the cost value for how the item is valued was used. Now, the agent can choose to use the item’s costing method to determine the cost value or a specific cost value.
Path: CORE > Inventory Control > Inventory Price Changes > Inventory Price Changer

Last Signal Report Update
Ticket Number: 377708
GitLab ID: Core!4741
The new columns, Signal and Description, have been added to the Last Signal Report. These columns display the signal’s code and description respectively.

Prospect Disposition Update
Ticket Number: 380042
GitLab ID: Core!4904
When a job is created from a proposal in CORE, the prospect’s disposition will be updated to Sold.
Path: CORE > Installation Management > Contract Entry/Prospect Information


DMP Special Users
Ticket Number: 377039
GitLab ID: Core!4733
Corrected issue where the DMP special user process was not always finding proper chart codes.
Path: CORE

Track Grouping Fix
Ticket Number: 378168
GitLab ID: Core!4847
Corrected issue where signals processed by outbound voice were not retaining the track group assigned when the signal was generated.
Path: CORE

Spoofed Caller IDs Fix
Ticket Number: 379993
GitLab ID: Core!4850
Corrected which number CORE uses by default when spoofing dealer phone numbers.
Path: CORE

Generate Applicable Email Notifications
Ticket Number: 379877
GitLab ID: Core!4838
Corrected timing issue which caused notification emails to not send as configured for applicable alarm types.
Path: CORE

Dealer Spoofing
Ticket Number: 380310
GitLab ID: Core!4859
Corrected issue that was causing autodial to incorrectly spoof dealer numbers.
Path: CORE

Mobile Time Sheets Fix
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: Core!4907
Corrected issue that caused errors within the time sheet report. These errors would occur if time logs were entered via the mobile app.
Path: CORE > Service System > Tech TimeSheets

Batch Report Fix
Ticket Number: 384686
GitLab ID: Core!5088
Corrected issue that caused the Batch Report to return incorrect data for Open/Close, All Activity, and Dispatch information.
Path: CORE

Updating QO How Option
Ticket Number: 384573
GitLab ID: Core!5119
Corrected the functionality of QO How to properly notify SMS Contacts.
Path: CORE

Missing Data Report Fix
Ticket Number: 385532
GitLab ID: Core!5157
Corrected the Missing Data Report to properly return data when ran.
Path: CORE

Deleting Schedules
Ticket Number: 386597
GitLab ID: Core!5228
Corrected the delete schedules permission flag to properly restrict users from deleting schedules.
Path: CORE > Scheduler > Show Week’s Schedule > Select a day with schedules assigned > F3 on schedules slot

Report Headings Fix
Ticket Number: 386014
GitLab ID: Core!5193
When running the Operator Activity Analysis report, the Summary headings have been updated to have proper formatting.
Path: CORE > Reports > Operator Activity Analysis


The following section contains Enhancements and Fixes for changes made to the Accounting module.


View Full GL Entry
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: Core!4767
When viewing GL entries for transactions, users can now strike F1 on the entry to view the full transaction.
Path: CORE > GL Account Code Maintenance

Tax Exempt Report
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: Core!4921
The Tax Exempt Number report can now be used within the Accounting Batch Report options.
Path: CORE > Accounts Receivable > A/R Reports > A/R Other Reports > Tax Exempt Number Report

Auto Debit Test Creation
Ticket Number: 377782
GitLab ID: Core!4961
Added additional selections to the Auto Debit Test Creation screens.
New selections: AR Number, Customer Type, and Bill Cycle Range.
Path: CORE > Accounts Receivable > Transaction Entry > Auto Debit Test Creation

Installation Date
Ticket Number: 385220
GitLab ID: Core!5147
The Installation Date on the Open Job report will now populate with the date assigned to certain service tickets tied to the job. The report will retrieve the earliest appointment date (starting from the day the report is ran, into the future) assigned to the tickets. If no date is found this way, the report will then retrieve the date assigned to the most recent ticket in the past.
Path: CORE > Installation Management > Job Costing Reports > Open Job Report


Properly unassign AR Groups
Ticket Number: 375529
GitLab ID: Core!4606
When deleting ARs within the system, any assigned AR Groups should unassign from the deleted AR. The system will now make sure the unassign process is working properly.
Path: AR Customer Maintenance > Delete AR

Equipment Hours Display Fix
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID:Core!4871
Corrected the program to properly display equipment hours as budget information within the job cost summary.
Path: CORE > Installation Management > Contract Entry > F1 Create job and select proposal > F12 budget information hours value

Incorrect Billing on Job Lines
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: Core!4863
Corrected issue where the system would bill job lines waiting on PO receipts. This would cause the incorrect cost to be billed if the PO was received at a different cost. The system will now recognize the line is waiting on a PO and will not allow it to be billed until received.
Path: CORE > Installation Management > Contract Entry > F19 Bill Lines

General Ledger Posting Fix
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: Core!4906
Modified the program that verifies the posting date period is open. It now will verify the GL date is not beyond the end date for period 25 as set by GL Parameters.
Path: CORE > Accounting

941 Report Fix
Ticket Number: 378305
GitLab ID: Core!4940
Corrected issue that caused employee 941 earnings to incorrectly factor in “other income” earnings.
Path: CORE > Setup: Payroll > Employee Maintenance > Tax Code > 941 Report > Other Income Earnings

Email Type Customer Listing
Ticket Number: 382692
GitLab ID: Core!4945
Corrected issue that caused the report to fail to print emails if users left the Email Type field blank. If left blank, the report should print all email addresses as configured.
Path: CORE > DICE E-mail Administration > Email Type Customer Listing

Aging Report
Ticket Number: 383065
GitLab ID: Core!4986
Corrected issue that caused the Aged Trial Balance report to incorrectly display closed invoices as open.
Path: CORE > Accounts Payable > AP Reports > Aged Trial Balance

Properly Handle Page Breaks
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: Core!5072
Corrected issue that would cause account detail information to be missing from statement information. This was caused due to incorrect handling of page breaks. Account detail information will now display properly.
Path: Accounts Receivable > AR Transaction Reports & Updates > Statement Printing

Call Type Markup Fix
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: Core!5085
Updated Call Type markups to only apply if the markup is not zero. This corrects an issue where a zero line would be added to a job if the Call Type markup was zero.
Path: CORE > Creating job using a sales proposal Contract entry

AR Aging Report
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: Core!5251
If the AR Aging report is batched and the system has multiple branches, it was possible the heading on the AR Aging report would include the wrong branch name. The data within the report was accurate, however; the heading would indicate it was for a different, unrelated batch.
Path: CORE

Recurring Line Notes
Ticket Number: 389057
GitLab ID: Core!5287 & Core!5289
Corrected the system to carry over any recurring line notes if the account number is changed. This affects account numbers changed using the Change Account Number field within Core.
Path: CORE > Data Entry Level 5 > Change Account Number

Recurring Lines Fix
Ticket Number: 389718
GitLab ID: Core!5301
Corrected the Recurring Revenue In Force report to properly calculate recurring lines. Prior to this fix, if recurring lines that did not have an assigned stop date were deleted, the report could potentially return incorrect information.
Path: Recurring Billing > Recurring Revenue Report > Recurring Revenue In Force Report

Unapplied Credit Report Fix
Ticket Number: 390647
GitLab ID: Core!5355
Corrected the Unapplied Credit Report to properly display data if a cash batch is entered with a check that is later applied to a customer prepayment and GL distribution and later NSF’d or misapplied.
Path: CORE > AR NSF/Misapplied check processing/Unapplied Credit report