Mobile Applications

Release Date: May 13, 2022

Changes are considered either Enhancements or Fixes. The Enhancement and Fix sections for each module/application are ordered chronologically.

  • Enhancements are changes made to improve a functionality.
  • Fixes are changes made to correct a bug or error in the system.

Release Note details are recorded in the following format:

Title of Enhancement or Fix
Date Added
Ticket Number relating to update
GitLab ID for internal tracking
Information describing what has been changed, added, or fixed.
Path the user can follow to locate the update in the software.

This section contains Enhancements and Fixes applied to the available Matrix mobile applications. This section is organized by application name in alphabetical order.

Matrix Mobile Service

This section contains Enhancements and Fixes for changes made to the Matrix Mobile Service application.


Selecting Dispatch Codes
Ticket Number: 361840
GitLab ID: Core!3688
Added a flag, DEFAULT SV REQUIRE_DSP_RATECODE, that allows technicians to select any dispatch code instead of only those with rate codes assigned.
Path: Matrix Mobile Service > Change Dispatch Code Option

Display Resolution & Dispatch Notes
Ticket Number: 357340
GitLab ID: Core!3699 & MatrixMobileService!668
Updated the mobile app to display the resolution and dispatch notes for closed tickets.
Path: Matrix Mobile Service > Select Account > Pending and Closed Tickets > Closed Tickets > Select Ticket


Fix Recalculate Part Invoice
Ticket Number: 362331
GitLab ID: MatrixMobileService!665
Corrected issue that caused invoices to display the incorrect price for parts whose price was changed.
Path: Matrix Mobile Service > Open Ticket > Billing

Hidden Contact Fields Fix
Ticket Number: 364575
GitLab ID: Core!3840 & Core!3847
Corrected issue that caused saving errors when a user with restricted access to fields were unable to save contacts within the app. These restricted fields caused an error in the system that prevented users from adding contacts via the app.
Path: Matrix Mobile Service > Add Contacts

History Date Range Fix
Ticket Number: 371881
GitLab ID: Core!4359
Updated the program to properly read the date 02/02/2022. Prior to this fix, the program was incorrectly displaying history when the date was used.
Path: Matrix Mobile Service

Automatically Close Tickets Fix
Ticket Number: 372144
GitLab ID: Core!4408 & Core!4417
Corrected issue that caused auto complete tickets to remain open when technicians completed tickets using the app.
Path: Matrix Mobile Service

Closing Tickets Fix
Ticket Number: 373400 & 373509
GitLab ID: Core!4480 & Core!4476
When users were configured to automatically close tickets when using the app, the system was not completely closing the ticket like it should. Corrected this issue so tickets are properly closed.
Path: Matrix Mobile Service > Billing

Matrix Mobile Vivid

This section contains Enhancements and Fixes for changes made to the Matrix Mobile Vivid application.


Capitalize Account on Test Notification
Ticket Number: 362352
GitLab ID: Core!3685
When placing an account on test from the app, the notification that sometimes appears notifying the user who placed the account on test will not be in all caps.
Path: Matrix Mobile Vivid > Place Account on Test


Passcode Field Acceptable Characters Fix
Ticket Number: 361529
GitLab ID: MatrixMobileVivid!151
The Passcode field will now only accept numeric characters.
Path: Matrix Mobile Vivid > Open Account > Contacts > Add Contact

Authorities Displaying All Contact Emails
Ticket Number: 361551
GitLab ID: MatrixMobileVivid!153
Corrected issue that caused all contact emails to apply to every authority contact.
Path: Matrix Mobile Vivid > Open Account > Contacts

Displaying Accounts Correctly
Ticket Number: 362350
GitLab ID: Core!3682
Corrected issue that prevented accounts from displaying correctly when users search for accounts. The system will now check against the master subscriber table and allow the account to be brought up if the tables are not properly in sync.
Path: Matrix Mobile Vivid > Account Search