Release Date: May 13, 2022

Changes are considered either Enhancements or Fixes. The Enhancement and Fix sections for each module/application are ordered chronologically.

  • Enhancements are changes made to improve a functionality.
  • Fixes are changes made to correct a bug or error in the system.

Release Note details are recorded in the following format:

Title of Enhancement or Fix
Date Added
Ticket Number relating to update
GitLab ID for internal tracking
Information describing what has been changed, added, or fixed.
Path the user can follow to locate the update in the software.

The following section contains Enhancements and Fixes for changes made to the software that affect more than one module, or a module with fewer changes made than required to provide a separate section for that module.


Multi-Term Navigation
Ticket Number: 361256
GitLab ID: Matrix!6937 & Matrix!7003
When using the menu search bar within Matrix, users can now search abbreviations of menu options (for example: pros inf for Prospect Information) to quickly locate page options.
Path: Matrix

Display Indefinite
Ticket Number: 361273
GitLab ID: Matrix!6953
When users view the On Hold grid within Monitoring or Aware, alarms placed on Indefinite hold will now display INDEFINITE under the Expires column.
Path: Matrix > Monitoring & Matrix Aware

Contacts Lookup Option
Ticket Number: 354364
GitLab ID: Core!3664 & Matrix!6961
Users can now access a lookup for contacts when creating default zones.
Path: Matrix > Default Zones

Guard Authority URL
Ticket Number: 344876
GitLab ID: Matrix!7114 & Core!3896
Users can now assign URLs to guard authorities within Authority Maintenance. This URL can be configured to open automatically when the guard is selected from the Autodial grid within Monitoring.
Path: Matrix

Max Record Reached Message Update
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: Core!4058
When using Matrix Made, if a record limit is reached, the error popup will now display the max record limit for the Made query that was ran.
Path: Matrix > Matrix Made

Receiver Maintenance TCP/IP
Ticket Number: 344407
GitLab ID: Matrix!7335, Core!2737, & Core!4197
The new toolbar option, TCP/IP Setup, within Receiver Maintenance allows users to update applicable receivers to include their assigned IP, Port, and TTY type.
Path: Matrix > Receiver Maintenance

Show Contact Passcodes
Ticket Number: 370438
GitLab ID: Matrix!7373 & Core!4242
If the site is configured to display passcodes within Matrix Data Entry, passcodes will also display within Caller Assistance and within the Contact Summary grid in Monitoring.
Path: Matrix > Caller Assistance & Monitoring

Sublist Maintenance Add More Option
Ticket Number: 369018
GitLab ID: Matrix!7448 & Core!4378
When adding new sublists within Sublist Maintenance users now have access to the Add More option that allows users to save and add additional sublists without exiting out of the add dialog box.
Path: Matrix > Sublist Maintenance

Select All Email Addresses
Ticket Number: 370828
GitLab ID: Matrix!7488 & Matrix!7492
When selecting user emails to send information to within the system, users now have access to two additional toolbar options: Include All and Clear All. When selected, the Include All option will select all emails displayed within the table. All emails selected this way will default to use the To action. When selected, the Clear All option will remove all selected actions from ALL emails within the table.
Path: Matrix > Email dialog box


Menu Generator Display Fix
Ticket Number: 363805
GitLab ID: Matrix!7078
If a user’s assigned menu only had one option assigned, Menu Generator will now display the single option correctly. Prior to this fix, menus with one option would display no options.
Path: Matrix > Menu Generator

Adding Duplicate Emails to Send Lists
Ticket Number: 350700
GitLab ID: Matrix!7137
Corrected how the system assigned Action Types to emails added to the Send Email table found throughout Matrix. Previously, if an email was added to the table twice, the system would update both emails since it recognized them as the same. Now, users can assign different action types to the same email if desired.
Path: Matrix > Add Email toolbar option

Responding Parties on Linked Accounts
Ticket Number: 370696
GitLab ID: Core!4282
Call Lists assigned to linked accounts will now properly mirror changes made to the list on any of its linked accounts.
Path: Matrix

Displaying Accounts Including the + Symbol
Ticket Number: 371012
GitLab ID: Matrix!7414
Accounts containing the plus sign (+) within their assigned Account Number will now display correctly throughout the system.
Path: Matrix

User Account Access
Ticket Number: 371515
GitLab ID: Core!4340
Dealer users can now access their accounts as necessary throughout Matrix. Prior to this change, Dealer users periodically experienced issues when accessing their accounts.
Path: Matrix

Authority Permits Fix
Ticket Number: 372760
GitLab ID: Matrix!7496
Permit Options will now display assigned permit data when users are managing permits within Matrix.
Path: Matrix > Authority Maintenance