Release Date: May 13, 2022

Changes are considered either Enhancements or Fixes. The Enhancement and Fix sections for each module/application are ordered chronologically.

  • Enhancements are changes made to improve a functionality.
  • Fixes are changes made to correct a bug or error in the system.

Release Note details are recorded in the following format:

Title of Enhancement or Fix
Date Added
Ticket Number relating to update
GitLab ID for internal tracking
Information describing what has been changed, added, or fixed.
Path the user can follow to locate the update in the software.

This section contains Enhancements and Fixes applied to applications within CORE. This section is organized by CORE application name in alphabetical order after the General Core section.

General Core

This section contains Enhancements and Fixes for changes made to CORE that affect more than one module, or a module with fewer changes made than required to provide a separate section for that module.


AR SMS Notification
Ticket Number: 367378
GitLab ID: Core!3993
Added a notification when setting up an AR contact to receive SMS messages. If the telephone number is one that cannot be confirmed to be able to handle SMS messages, the user will be notified and asked to confirm they would like to send the message.
Path: CORE > AR Customer Maint > F5 Contacts > F9 Details > F11 SMS Setup

Vox Transfer to Dealers
Ticket Number: 365997
GitLab ID: Core!4011
Users can now add a transfer option to VOX calls that allows the contact to request to be transferred to the dealer.
Path: CORE

OBV SMS Zone Description
Ticket Number: 368635
GitLab ID: Core!4092
Added a placeholder for adding zone descriptions to SMS messages sent by OBV from CORE. The variable %zd1% will include the applicable zone description when sending SMS messages.
Path: CORE

Print Report as CSV
Ticket Number: 354901
GitLab ID: Core!4019
The Notes Audit report within CORE can now be printed as a CSV file.

Include Permit on Report
Ticket Number: 367588
GitLab ID: Core!4089
When running the Authority Subscribers Report within CORE, users now have access to the field Include if Permit is Expired that will print information on subscribers with expired permits when applicable.
Path: CORE

Email Search and Replace
Ticket Number: 352460
GitLab ID: Core!4208 & Core!4191
Updated the CORE email search and replace table to include the account number the email is assigned to. Also added the Matrix Emails for Service and PM to CORE.
Path: CORE


Text Wrap Fix
Ticket Number: 361719
GitLab ID: Core!3655
Corrected issue that caused the text wrap in CORE Data Entry to display incorrectly.
Path: CORE > Data Entry

Linked Accounts Order Fix
Ticket Number: 364792
GitLab ID: Core!4099
When running the Dealer Account Charge Detail Report within Dealer Billing, corrected issue that caused linked account numbers to sort alphabetically with all other account numbers rather than grouping them together.
Path: CORE > Dealer Billing

Linked Accounts Report Fix
Ticket Number: 366952
GitLab ID: Core!4067
Corrected issue that prevented users from seeing all linked account information when running report CM5470R1 within CORE.
Path: CORE

Emailing Dealer Contacts Fix
Ticket Number: 370608
GitLab ID: Core!4250
Corrected issue that caused dealer contacts to not receive emails sent when using the print to PE option within CORE. Dealer contacts were not properly pulled when the contact list was retrieved.
Path: CORE

Manual Contacts Sort Fix
Ticket Number: 371418
GitLab ID: Core!4322
Corrected issue where if a user manually sorted contacts, contacts without values would disappear from the grid.
Path: CORE

Deleting Billed Site Inventory Fix
Ticket Number: 317822
GitLab ID: Core!4353
Updated the system to prevent users from modifying site inventory using the Change Site Inventory option when the selected line items had already been billed.
Path: CORE > Service System Menu > Change Site Inventory

SMS Contact Opt In Fix
Ticket Number: 374401
GitLab ID: Core!4536
Corrected issue where SMS messages were not properly relayed to contacts due to a bug. Contacts opted in on one account would not receive messages sent from a different account. Now, contacts will receive messages from all accounts they belong to.
Path: CORE > Outbound Operator


This section contains Enhancements and Fixes applied to the Accounting Module within CORE.


Override Branch/Job Type
Ticket Number: 356874
GitLab ID: Core!3828 & Core!3837
When creating jobs, users can now update branch and job types upon creation. This reduces the number of steps required when creating jobs.
Path: Installation Management > Contract Entry > Create Job

Updates to Deferred Revenue GL Report
Ticket Number: 371673
GitLab ID: Core!4379
Added two additional columns, Same GL Acct and Deferred Acct, to the Deferred Revenue GL Report. The addition of these columns will assist users in reconciling the main report to the GL summary.
Path: CORE > A/R Report > Recurring Revenue Reports > Deferred Revenue

View Single Account on Inquiry History
Ticket Number: 372471
GitLab ID: Core!4429
When viewing the Customer Inquiry History report within CORE, if users select F5 on an invoice associated with a single customer, the resulting printout will include the applicable account number rather than RECURRING within the Reference Column.
Path: Core > Customer Inquiry > F5


Original Amount Column Fix
Ticket Number: 363419
GitLab ID: Core!3736
Corrected issue causing the original number of invoices to display incorrectly. Now, if the applicable flags are set to display this value, the Original Amount column will display the correct total.
Accounts Payable > Transaction Entry > AP Manual Check Printing
Accounts Payable > Transaction Entry > Manual Check Entry

Billing Code Fix
Ticket Number: 364656
GitLab ID: Core!3819
Corrected issue that caused the system to not define the billing code given certain flag settings. Now, the billing code will be set when applicable.
Path: Contact Entry > Create Job

Job Bill Codes Fix
Ticket Number: 365931
GitLab ID: Core!3895
Corrected issue where the incorrect bill code was assigned to a job. This error occurred when users backed out of the job creation process. This caused the job to create when it shouldn’t.
Path: CORE > Installation Management > Contract Entry > New Job Creation

Dunning Message Fix
Ticket Number: 366801
GitLab ID: Core!3963
Dunning messages are now based on the same aging used by invoices.
Path: CORE > Receivables > Transaction Reports and Updates > Invoice Printing

RMR InForce Report Fix
Ticket Number: 370212
GitLab ID: Core!4219
Corrected the RMR InForce report to properly account for changes made to recurring lines.
Path: CORE > Receivables > AR Reports > Recurring Reports > InForce Report and InForce Reconciliation Report

Warehouse Inventory Cost Fix
Ticket Number: 370289
GitLab ID: Core!4229
Corrected issue that would cause line costs for parts not transferred to WIP to be incorrect.
Path: CORE > Installation Management > Contract Entry

Job Cost Summary Fix
Ticket Number: 372913
GitLab ID: Core!4458
Corrected the program that runs as part of the upgrade to properly retrieve removed PO information, so the Material Cost reports properly on jobs.
Path: CORE > Installation Management > Contract Entry > F12 > Job Costing Summary

Honor Minimum Number of Accounts
Ticket Number: 373559
GitLab ID: Core!4507 & Core!4511
Corrected Dealer Billing to bill the difference at the minimum amount per account rate. These totals will display on two separate lines when applicable. Users can request these lines be combined if desired.
Path: CORE > Dealer Billing > Create Dealer Counts