Release Date: May 20, 2021

Changes are considered either Enhancements or Fixes. The Enhancement and Fix sections for each module/application are ordered chronologically.

  • Enhancements are changes made to improve a functionality.
  • Fixes are changes made to correct a bug or error in the system.

Release Note details are recorded in the following format:

Title of Enhancement or Fix
Date Added
Ticket Number relating to update
GitLab ID for internal tracking
Information describing what has been changed, added, or fixed.
Path the user can follow to locate the update in the software.

The following section contains Enhancements and Fixes for changes made to the software that affect more than one module, or a module with fewer changes made than required to provide a separate section for that module.


Quick Message Compose Improvements
Ticket Number: 323628
GitLab ID: Matrix!5367 & Core!1934
When adding Messages and Subject lines to quick messages, users can now insert information using the displayed codes. This allows users to quickly reference account information within quick messages.
Path: Matrix > Quick Message Compose

Preventative Maintenance Documents Tab
Ticket Number: 323554
GitLab ID: Matrix!5466
The Documents tab has been removed from Preventative Maintenance Entry due to inactivity.
Path: Matrix > Preventative Maintenance Entry > Add or Edit an Entry

Additional Tab Setup Options
Ticket Number: 325240
GitLab ID: Matrix!5465 & Matrix!5495
The following options have been added to the Tab Setup Options list for the Caller Assistance and Data Entry pages within Matrix.

  • Notify Lists
  • Alarms on Hold
  • Podium Settings
  • Paging
  • Sales
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Geofence
  • Open Service Requests
  • CloudEye
  • Account Gallery

These new options allow users setup additional tabs as they see fit.
Path: Matrix > Tab Setup

Modify Sublists Page
Ticket Number: 324810
GitLab ID: Matrix!5551 & Core!2120
Updated the Modify Sublists page in Matrix with various enhancements to provide different users with the options they require. Dealer or Subdealer users will have access to additional fields that allow them to create sublists based on dealers or subdealers.
Path: Matrix > Modify Sublists

Sales Notification Option
Ticket Number: 302405
GitLab ID: Core!2264
Combined the Sales Notifications and Sales Prospect Information options within Employee Entry into one option labeled Sales Notifications. If this option is selected for employee profiles, the employee will receive emails regarding sales changes.
Path: Matrix > Employee Entry > Notification Lists > Sales Notifications

New History Table Toolbar Option
Ticket Number: 321219
GitLab ID: Matrix!5141 & Core!1845
The option Load List has been added to the Matrix History table toolbar options. This option allows users to search for and select an include/exclude list to apply its parameters to the table.
Path: Matrix > Data Entry/Caller Assistance/ History

Subscriber Search Improvements
Ticket Number: 338044
GitLab ID: Matrix!5738
When users perform a search for subscriber accounts, they now have access to additional sorting columns (such as Case Number) and inactive accounts will be colored red within the table results.
Path: Matrix > Subscriber Search

Toolbar Options For Subscriber Select
Ticket Number: 339133
GitLab ID: Matrix!5770
Added toolbar menu options to the Alpha and Caller ID sorts available when searching for subscriber accounts throughout Matrix. Prior to this change, the Rename and Save options were not available as they should be for these options.
Path: Matrix > Subscriber Search

SMS Opt In Feature
Ticket Number: 338356, 349967, & 309398
GitLab ID: Matrix!5865, Core!2824, Core!2828, Core!2840, Matrix!6385, Core!2964, Core!3056, Core!3020, & Core!2442
The SMS Opt In Setup and SMS Opt In Messages are new pages within Matrix that allow users to configure SMS messages sent to users to request their permission to opt in to receiving messages to their cell phone.
Path: Matrix > SMS Opt In Setup/SMS Opt In Messages

Delete Storm Mode Entries
Ticket Number: 344337 & 349767
GitLab ID: Matrix!6057, Core!2975, & Core!2661
Users can now delete storm mode entries from the table via the new toolbar option: Delete.
Path: Matrix > Storm Mode Entry

Rename Default Zones
Ticket Number: 344161
GitLab ID: Matrix!6088 & Core!2707
The a new option, Rename Zone, allows users to update default zone names as necessary.
Path: Matrix > Default Zones

Unlock Monitoring Operator
Ticket Number: 346817
GitLab ID: Matrix!6271 & Core!2865
New page, Unlock Monitoring Operator, displays all operators currently signed in to Matrix Monitoring. Users can then unlock operators to remove them from Monitoring as necessary.
Path: Matrix > Unlock Monitoring Operator

Tab Setup for Service Ticket
Ticket Number: 350989
GitLab ID: Matrix!6503
When updating the available Service Ticket page tabs within Tab Setup, users will now have access to the On/Off Test option as an available tab.
Path: Matrix > Tab Setup

Assign Tickets to DID Requests
Ticket Number: 352386
GitLab ID: Matrix!6511 & Core!3099
Users can now assign a ticket number to new DID requests within DID Management. The Related Ticket # field has been added to the New DIDs dialog box when requesting new DID numbers.
Path: Matrix > DID Management

History Start and Stop Time
Ticket Number: 347795
GitLab ID: Matrix!6558
When viewing history throughout Matrix, users will now have access to two new fields: Start Time and End Time. These fields allow users to refine history search results by time and date.
Path: Matrix > History/Data Entry/Monitoring


Restrict by Service Branch
Ticket Number: 325003
GitLab ID: Matrix!5526
Corrected issue where the Restrict by Service Branch table within Employee Entry would display the incorrect branch name.
Path: Matrix > Employee Entry > Edit > Change Restrictions > S Branch Edit

Multiple Dealer Fix
Ticket Number: 325741
GitLab ID: Core!2091
Corrected issue where users were able to log in as a dealer with access to a subdealer they should not have access to. Now, when users log out and back in, the system will reset to display the correct last dealer used as well as their applicable subdealer/group information.
Path: Matrix

Reset Dealer Option
Ticket Number: 325742
GitLab ID: Matrix!5534
Removed the Reset Dealer option when users are selecting a dealer to log in to Matrix as. This option did not have a function.
Path: Matrix

Standard Date Format
Ticket Number: 326095
GitLab ID: Matrix!5555
When searching for account numbers within Matrix, the Last Test Date column would display the date in NTD format. This has been corrected so the field will display the date in standard solidus format.
Path: Matrix > Subscriber Search

Viewing Inactive Dealers
Ticket Number: 287572
GitLab ID: Core!2228
Corrected issue that allowed users logging in with access to a suspended/inactive dealer to view dealer accounts and run reports. Suspended/inactive dealers should not have access to view their accounts or run reports.
Path: Matrix

Dealer Maintenance Rate Table Fix
Ticket Number: 343977
GitLab ID: Matrix!6045, Matrix!6068, & Core!2653
Corrected the issue that caused the Default Rate Table field within the Dealer Maintenance Accounting tab to be hidden from users. Prior to this fix, the field would occasionally disappear from view.
Path: Matrix > Dealer Maintenance > Dealer tab > Accounting tab

Editing Storm Mode Entries
Ticket Number: 344339
GitLab ID: Matrix!6061, Matrix!6062, & Core!2666
Corrected issue that caused the edit option within Storm Mode Entry to not allow users to update storm mode codes. Users can now update these codes as necessary.
Path: Matrix > Storm Mode Entry

Reverse Report Search Fix
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: Core!2713
Corrected issue that caused reverse report lookups to fail within the software. This also fixes the error that would not allow users to search for ranges of single character reports.
Path: Matrix > Report Manager & MADE Queries

Deleting Authorities Fix
Ticket Number: 345421
GitLab ID: Matrix!6135 & Core!2744
Corrected issue that allowed users to delete authorities without selecting a replacement authority.
Path: Matrix > Authority Maintenance

Copying History Fix
Ticket Number: 347601
GitLab ID: Core!2877
Corrected issue that caused segments of history to fail when copying history files to accounts.
Path: Matrix

Adding Details to Storm Mode Entries
Ticket Number: 349667
GitLab ID: Matrix!6403 & Core!2994
Corrected issue that prevented users from adding details to Storm Mode entries. Prior to this change, an error, Unique Not Provided, would prevent users from adding handling details to the Storm Mode entry.
Path: Matrix > Storm Mode > Add

Signal Delay Notification Processing
Ticket Number: 351190 & 346881
GitLab ID: Core!3067, Core!3558, & Core!3598
Corrected issue that caused email notifications to send multiple times on the same notification depending on delay signals configuration flags. Now, if one notification message triggers, it will halt any additional notifications triggered for the same event.
Path: Matrix

Creating Scripts in Outbound Quantum Operator
Ticket Number: 351902
GitLab ID: Core!3068
Corrected issue that caused the scripts created within Outbound Quantum Operator to save incorrectly.
Path: Matrix > Outbound Quantum Operator > Scripts Tab

Unlocking Accounts Fix
Ticket Number: 347926
GitLab ID: Core!3123
Corrected issue that allowed users to unlock accounts even if they did not have access to the account’s assigned dealer. Now, users will only have access to view and unlock accounts assigned to their allowed dealer accounts.
Path: Matrix > Unlock Account

Live History Scroll Fix
Ticket Number: 326942
GitLab ID: Matrix!6548 & Matrix!6284
Corrected issue that caused the Live History Scroll to display inaccurate information when using the Go Back toolbar option. The history will now display accurately based on date and time information as the option is used.
Path: Matrix > Live History Scroll

Accounting Contacts Receiving Opt In Messages
Ticket Number: 354454 & 354915
GitLab ID: Core!3229 & Core!3263
Corrected issue that prevented accounting contacts from receiving the opt in request message.
Path: Matrix > SMS Opt In Message

Viewing Alternate Dealers Fix
Ticket Number: 354820
GitLab ID: Core!3244
Corrected issue where dealers could log in and view other dealer numbers if one was accidentally input into the account field.
Path: Matrix > Dealer Maintenance

Include/Exclude by Text Fix
Ticket Number: 355713
GitLab ID: Core!3340
Corrected issue that caused any values input into the include by text or exclude by text fields to save improperly.
Path: Matrix > Data Entry & Report Manager

Override Accounts Fix
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: Core!3478, Core!3489, & Matrix!6825
Corrected issue that caused users to be able to override existing account information if they attempted to create a new account with the same number as an existing account. Now, if a user tries to create a new account with a matching account number, the system will prompt them to confirm the number.
Path: Matrix

Sublist Maintenance Fix
Ticket Number: 358357
GitLab ID: Core!3601
Corrected issue that allowed users to add accounts to new sublists without saving. Now, the system requires users to save new lists prior to adding accounts.
Path: Matrix > Sublist Maintenance

Copying Schedules Fix
Ticket Number: 356953
GitLab ID: Core!3483
Corrected issue that caused schedules to copy to accounts incorrectly. When copied, schedules would sometimes affect child accounts to display information incorrectly.
Path: Matrix

Search/Replace Fix
Ticket Number: 352460
GitLab ID: Core!3240
Updated the CORE email search and replace function to read through Matrix scheduled reports and update email as necessary as well.
Path: Matrix