Release Date: May 20, 2021

Changes are considered either Enhancements or Fixes. The Enhancement and Fix sections for each module/application are ordered chronologically.

  • Enhancements are changes made to improve a functionality.
  • Fixes are changes made to correct a bug or error in the system.

Release Note details are recorded in the following format:

Title of Enhancement or Fix
Date Added
Ticket Number relating to update
GitLab ID for internal tracking
Information describing what has been changed, added, or fixed.
Path the user can follow to locate the update in the software.

The following section contains Enhancements and Fixes applied to applications within the CORE software. This section is organized by CORE application name in alphabetical order after the General CORE section.

General CORE

The following section contains Enhancements and Fixes for changes made to the software that effect more than one module or, a module with fewer changes made than required to provide a separate section for that module.


Updating Panel Types
Ticket Number: 38138
GitLab ID: Core!2267
When removing a panel from a subscriber, the system will now prompt users if they would like to remove ALL of the selected panel type from subscribers system-wide.
Path: CORE

No Activity Report
Ticket Number: 338322
GitLab ID: Core!2400
Added the report ALNOACTS to CORE. This report allows users to run a no activity report filtered by sub-dealer.
Path: CORE

Reports Display Addresses
Ticket Number: 341532
GitLab ID: Core!2463
When users run the following reports, the applicable address information is printed on the report: ALNOACTD, ALNOACTR ALNOACTS, ALLTTRP5, ALLTTRP1.
Path: CORE

Confirming Changes
Ticket Number: 345837
GitLab ID: Core!2768
The Quit and Lose Changes notification will not display unless users have made changes to subscriber information.
Path: Security Level V > Data Entry Level V > Subscriber Information

Strip Zone Zero Options
Ticket Number: 346370
GitLab ID: Core!2891
Added the ability to strip zone/user zeros for Contact ID signals coming in on a DMP receiver.
Path: CORE

Saving Changes Confirmation
Ticket Number: 346802
GitLab ID: Core!2899
When reactivating an account, the system will warn users if they attempt to exit without saving updated date values.
Path: Core > Security Level V > Data Entry Level 5 > Inactivate/Reactivate Subscriber

Print Communication Type
Ticket Number: 352063
GitLab ID: Core!3071
Added two new labels to Letter Writer: CHK Communication Type & CHK Communication Desc. These labels will populate with the information assigned to the Communication Type fields within Installation Checklist for the jobs.
Path: CORE > Letter Writer > Letter Writer Setup > Letter Format Definition > Type J Letters

SMS Link Expiration Flag
Ticket Number: 352559
GitLab ID: Core!3098
A new flag, ACCT-SMS-EXPIRE-DAYS, allows users to define the default expiration time of SMS messages sent to users. By default, SMS links expire in 24-hours, this flag allows users to bypass the default time limit and define a new time frame.

Copy History Flag
Ticket Number: 340386
GitLab ID: Core!3128
A new flag, COPY-ALL-HIST-MULTIL, allows users to copy all history across multilinked accounts. If turned on, multilinked accounts will share all history between the accounts.

Deleting All Call Lists
Ticket Number: 354037
GitLab ID: Core!3199
Added a flag, ALLOW_DEL_ALL_CLLLST, that allows users to remove the option to delete all call lists.

Frequency Codes
Ticket Number:353530
GitLab ID: Core!s3215 & Core!3261
Users can now assign frequency codes to Matrix Report Scheduler. These codes will allow users to schedule the reports to run every defined number of days.
Path: CORE

Additional Hours Between Creation Options
Ticket Number: 351574
GitLab ID: Core!3559
In the Signal Generation menu, the LTT Hours between creation field will now allow 1W and 2W as options. This will allow users to set a delay of 7 days or 14 days respectively.
Path: CORE > Signal Generation Menu

Call Central Option Update
Ticket Number: 308839
GitLab ID: Core!3614
Added dealer phone number support for if users select Call Central from their SMS notification on alarms. This new flag can be implemented by DICE. If turned on, and the dealer has a phone number assigned, when users select the Call Central option, the option will dial the dealer’s phone number instead of the central station’s 800 number like before.
Path: CORE

Replacing Company Name with Central ID
Ticket Number: 343969
GitLab ID: Core!2644
Added a DICE facing flag to update the YOUR-COMPANYS-NAME within call scripts with CENTRALS-ID. This is available upon request.
Path: CORE > Monitoring


Premises Phone Number
Ticket Number: 322724
GitLab ID: Core!1916
When adding a premises phone number within CORE, users will be prompted to confirm the proper phone number masking is selected. Prior to this fix, the format field would sometimes be left blank which caused issues when the system tried to communicate the phone number.
Path: CORE > Accounting > Accounts Receivables > Invoice Entry

Delay Signals By Type
Ticket Number: 325417
GitLab ID: Core!2043
Corrected issue where delaying LTT or LTR signals were delaying by minutes. Now, LTT or LTR signals will delay by the assigned number of seconds as intended.
Path: CORE

Call List Preview
Ticket Number: 325749
GitLab ID: Core!2092
For users with the following flag set to Y: ALSETUSR.STOP-CALLST-PREVW-DT, the correct time was not being properly set. Users will now see the correct time.
Path: CORE

Email to History
Ticket Number: 326033
GitLab ID: Core!2125
Corrected issue that caused manual emails to not write to the account history when sent.
Path: CORE

Delayed Late to Restore Fix
Ticket Number: 312377
GitLab ID: Core!2209
Corrected issue that caused the incorrect date and time to display for delayed LTR signals. Now, the correct timestamp will be applied.
Path: CORE

Invalid Tax Codes
Ticket Number: 337818
GitLab ID: Core!2237
Corrected issue that allowed users to save invalid tax codes within CORE. If an invalid code is input into the Tax Code field, the field will revert to the previously assigned code to avoid errors.
Path: CORE > Accounts Receivable > AR Customer Maintenance > Customer Maintenance

OBV Sending Alarms To Pending
Ticket Number: 337966
GitLab ID: Core!2287
Corrected issue that caused On Hold alarms expired by OBV to Pending to not have the correct track groups set for the traffic or pending record. Now, expired alarms will be properly categorized as intended.
Path: CORE

Ticket Number: 302339
GitLab ID: Core!2306
Corrected issue that caused copying additional records within MWUSERS to error and not allow users to attempt to copy again.
Path: CORE

Updating U Schedules
Ticket Number: 323185
GitLab ID: Core!2314
Corrected issue that caused U schedules to switch to C schedules when users updated the close date and time.
Path: CORE

Customer Inquiry Invoice Error
Ticket Number: 339138
GitLab ID: Core!2367
F5 in Customer Inquiry may error if records for an invoice can’t be properly found. Now, the program will properly search for and display results as found.
Path: CORE > Customer Inquiry

Audit Authority Deletion
Ticket Number: 322388
GitLab ID: Core!2395
Authority code, name, and phone number are shown in the history record when an authority is deleted. These records can be displayed through the Audit History Report.
Path: CORE

Schedule Adjust
Ticket Number: 323538
GitLab ID: Core!2401
Corrected issue that caused the schedule to be improperly set when using Event Schedule Entry Settings to adjust the before and after grace on a ul/type 3 schedule. Prior this this change, it would change the graces on the schedule but would cause the schedule to be incorrect when viewed in data entry.
Path: CORE

System Generated Signals Fix
Ticket Number: 337855
GitLab ID: Core!2905 & Core!3339
Corrected issue that caused receiver generated runaway signals to deliver to operators when they were supposed to be system handled.
Path: Core > Monitoring

Saving Confirmation Fix
Ticket Number: 348208
GitLab ID: Core!2912
Corrected issue that caused the Quit and Lose Changes? banner to display even if users did not make any changes.
Path: Core > Security Level V > Data Entry Level V > Subscriber Information

Alarm Process Path Fix
Ticket Number: 349693
GitLab ID: Core!3005
Corrected issue that would sometimes cause the incorrect process path to display when viewing account history.
Path: CORE

System Handling Incorrect Priorities
Ticket Number: 350436
GitLab ID: Core!3036
Corrected issue that caused new signals received on the same account of the same priority level to be system handled when the ALSETMSC.HOLD-SYS-LOWER-PRI flag is on. This flag is supposed to system handle alarms with lower priorities only than the signal currently on hold.
Path: CORE > Processing Options Setup II

Tickets By Entry Operator Report
Ticket Number: 352811
GitLab ID: Core!3101
Corrected Tickets By Entry Operator report to properly honor the end date in regard to open tickets.
Path: CORE > Service System > Service Reports > Tickets by Entry Operator

Alarm Report Time Format
Ticket Number: 349494
GitLab ID: Core!3109
Corrected time format for Alarm Ticket reports to display in 24-hour format. This follows the format of all DICE reports.
Path: CORE

Invoice Total Display Fix
Ticket Number: 350776
GitLab ID: Core!3047
Corrected issue that caused invoice totals to display incorrect totals when the tax calculation flag was set to calculate tax at the invoice level rather than at the line level.
Path: CORE

Lookup Fixes
Ticket Number: 354822
GitLab ID: Core!3242
Corrected issues that caused the lookup functionality for several fields (Alarm Type, Call List, Outbound Email List, etc.) to error or not display data. When using the lookup within CORE, users can now search for options normally.
Path: CORE

SMS Email Notifications Fix
Ticket Number: 354368
GitLab ID: Core!3269
When selecting to send a service request for dealers, the system was defaulting to the central station’s email list. Now, the system will first search for notify lists attached to the dealer before using the central list if applicable.
Path: CORE

Emailing Reports in CORE
Ticket Number: 355896
GitLab ID: Core!3387
Corrected issue that caused emails sent from CORE to include additional output text when attachments ending in .doc were attached to body.
Path: CORE

Storm Mode Fix
Ticket Number: 357419
GitLab ID: Core!3438
Corrected issue that caused Manual Storm Mode to write to CENTRAL despite the configuration of the “Only Storm Signals if a Passcode has been Verified?” flag within CORE.
Path: CORE > Disaster Processing > Manual Storm Mode

Fix Lookup F-Key
Ticket Number: 321651
GitLab ID: Core!3492
Corrected issue that prevented the F2 key from being used on Account Number fields.
Path: CORE

Reporting on Actions Fix
Ticket Number: 358960
GitLab ID: Core!3519
Corrected issue where the notes audit report was not honoring the ACTION it was reporting on.
Path: CORE

Line Number Assignment Fix
Ticket Number: 358039
GitLab ID: Core!3596
Corrected issue that caused some passthrough information on proposals to not transfer when the proposal was turned into a job.
Path: Core > Installation Management > Contract Entry > Create Job

Operator Assigned Fix
Ticket Number: 360703
GitLab ID: Core!3606
Corrected issue where the Operator code of alarms taken from Outbound Voice did not update from VOX to the user’s operator code.
Path: CORE


This section contains Enhancements and Fixes made to the Accounting CORE menu option.


Copy Invoice Notes To Tickets
Ticket Number: 318374
GitLab ID: Core!2090
If the flag, IMSETUP.COPY-SERVICE RESOLUTION, is set to Y for a job, any notes written to the invoice will be duplicated on the corresponding ticket.
Path: CORE > Accounting

New Purchase Order History Report
Ticket Number: 345324
GitLab ID: Core!2716
New Purchase Order History report will list all associated receipts and invoices that have been performed on the order.
Path: CORE > Accounting Purchase Order > PO Reports Monthly > Purchase Order History Report

Report Format Fields
Ticket Number: 347229
GitLab ID: Core!2858
Corrected issue to allow users to format form font formats (bold, italic, etc.) as necessary.
Path: CORE > Receivables > AR Customer Maintenance > AR Code File Maintenance > System Setup > Invoice Statement Setup > Report Format Entry

Adding Emails To Forms
Ticket Number: 346362
GitLab ID: Core!2948
When printing forms within CORE Accounting, users will now have access to the ability to add contact email addresses to the form. This is applicable to the letters users can print from F8 in Contract Entry.
Path: CORE > Letter Writer > Letter Writer Setup > Format Definitions

Year-End Update
Ticket Number: 351835
GitLab ID: Core!3162
The IRS has created a new 1099-NEC form used for Non-employee Compensation. In previous years, form 1099-MISC and box 07 would be used, now the 1099-NEC will be used. The following DICE Accounts Payable locations have changed to support this new form:

  • Vendor Maintenance
  • AP Reports - AP 1099 Box Renumbering
  • AP Reports - 1099 Form Printing

Path: CORE > Accounts Payable > Vendor Maintenance/AP Reports

Auto Debit File Prenote Required
Ticket Number: 350556
GitLab ID: Core!3271
NACHA processing rules have changed recently where a prenote is now required whenever a new bank account and routing number combination is used for a customer. This has been added to auto debit file creation within CORE.
Path: CORE > Accounts Receivable > Transaction processing > Auto Debit File Creation

Expense Report Add Notes Flag
Ticket Number: 353752
GitLab ID: Matrix!3403
The Job Cost Expense Report now has the option to print Job Notes if desired.
Path: CORE


Incorrect Site Information Fix
Ticket Number: 324772
GitLab ID: Core!1993
Corrected issue where the incorrect site address was populating invoices. Prior to this change, if a site address was updated after creating an invoice line, the generated invoice would display the original address instead of the updated one. Invoices will now display the most up-to-date address.
Path: CORE

Batch Report Sort Fix
Ticket Number: 326480
GitLab ID: Core!2177
Corrected sort issue that caused the Cash Deposit Report to improperly sort multiple branches. When printing multiple branches on this report, depending on your selected sort by, same branch types will be grouped together.
Path: CORE > Accounts Receivable > A/R Reports > Management Report > Cash Deposit Report

Transfer Quantity Fix
Ticket Number: 340180
GitLab ID: Core!2423
Corrected issue that caused the system to get caught in a loop when displaying the Insufficient Quantity error.
Path: CORE

Transfer Email Recipients Fix
Ticket Number: 344402
GitLab ID: Core!2663
Corrected issue that caused inventory transfer notification emails to send incorrectly. Now, all contacts on the list for notifications will receive the email as intended.
Path: CORE > Inventory Control > IC Code Maintenance > IC Warehouse Transfer Emails

Pending One-Time Payments
Ticket Number: 345759
GitLab ID: Core!2763
Corrected issue where Dunning Letters would not recognize pending one-time payments and print them on the letter. Dunning Letters will now recognize and ignore pending payments when printing.
Path: CORE

Print Account Address
Ticket Number: 345931
GitLab ID: Core!2794
Corrected issue that would occasionally print the incorrect address on invoices.
Path: CORE

Clear Flags Properly
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: Core!9249
Corrected issue that prevented invoices from saving properly when entering an E invoice. This issue would only occur if the agent had entered an invoice previously in the same session. A flag wasn’t being cleared properly which allowed the agent to press F8 when the function should not have been allowed. The flag is now being cleared properly so the issue can no longer occur.
Path: CORE > Accounts Receivable > Transaction Entry > Invoice and Memo Entry

Allow Lookup on AR
Ticket Number: 350571
GitLab ID: Core!3017
Corrected issue where the lookup function didn’t work when selecting an AR Number in the Unapply Credit Memo Application screen.
Path: CORE > Accounts Receivable > Transaction Entry > Unapply Credit Memo Application

Non-Stock Labor Hours Fix
Ticket Number: 352892
GitLab: Core!3110 & Core!3115
Corrected issue that caused non-stock parts to add labor costs if their part number was originally assigned to a stock part that included labor. Now, if a non-stock item is added with residual labor costs, the labor will be ignored.
Path: CORE > Installation Management > Contact Entry > F5 Proposal Lines

Properly Define Rate Table
Ticket Number: 353625
GitLab ID: Core!3164
Corrected issue that caused account mask rate tables to be used without specifying a Rate Code. The mask could not be deleted after creating it this way.
Path: CORE > Dealer Billing > Dealer Billing Data Maint > Dealer Default Billing Rates

Printing AR Group Invoices
Ticket Number: 354861
GitLab ID: Matrix!3246
Corrected issue that caused AR Group invoices to print multiple times according to how many invoices were within the group.
Path: CORE > Accounts Receivable > Transaction Reports & Updates > Invoice Printing

Percentage Error Fix
Ticket Number: 358816
GitLab ID: Core!3529
Corrected issue that caused the system to error due to a progress billing error that caused one of the categories to display a 999.99% change. Corrected the program to properly handle this scenario and allow the progress billing to be performed.
Path: CORE > Installation Management > Contract Entry > Select Job > Progress Billing

Copy Email and Notification Setup Fix
Ticket Number: 360815
GitLab ID: Core!3599
Corrected issue that caused email and notification lists to not properly update when the AR Code is updated.
Path: CORE > Receivables > Customer Maint > Change AR Number Emails on Contacts


This section contains Enhancements and Fixes made to the Service sections within CORE.


PSAP Dip Report
Ticket Number: 324848
GitLab ID: Core!2207
The table ALTRANAD collects and stores data for a report on PSAP Dips. This table data will then be used to create a report using ALPSAPDP. This report has the option to save and batch.
Path: CORE > Service


Tech Service Timelog Fix
Ticket Number: 326705
GitLab ID: Core!2186
Updated the Tech Service Timelogs to properly display employee IDs. Prior to this change, the operator code would sometimes populate on the log.
Path: CORE > Service > Tech Service Timelog

Ticket Note Wrapping
Ticket Number: 338868
GitLab ID: Core!2360
Corrected issue that caused ticket notes in CORE to get cut off when the notes would wrap to multiple lines.
Path: CORE > Service

Break Time Calculation Fix
Ticket Number: 326859
GitLab ID: Core!2531 & Core!2560
Corrected issue that caused break times to be calculated twice.
Path: CORE > DICE Master > Service System > Tech Time Sheet

Adjust Labor Hours Calculation
Ticket Number: 345962
GitLab ID: Core!2915 & Core!2909
Prior to this change, lines added after job approval were not calculated correctly. The program has been corrected to properly handle these lines so labor hours will show the proper total in the job cost summary.
Path: CORE > Installation Management > Contact Entry > F5 > F12 > Job Cost Summary Standard Hours

Job Cost Summary Hours Fix
Ticket Number: 353173
GitLab ID: Core!3124
Corrected issue that caused the job cost summary to double. Now, the job cost summary will populate with the correct number of hours.
Path: CORE > Installation Management > Contact Entry > F12 > Job Cost Summary > Hours Row