Release Date: January 28, 2020

Changes are considered either Enhancements or Fixes. The Enhancement and Fix sections for each module/application are ordered chronologically.

  • Enhancements are changes made to improve a functionality.
  • Fixes are changes made to correct a bug or error in the system.

Release Note details are recorded in the following format:

Title of Enhancement or Fix
Date Added
Ticket Number relating to update
GitLab ID for internal tracking
Information describing what has been changed, added, or fixed.
Path the user can follow to locate the update in the software.

The following section contains Enhancements and Fixes for changes made to the software that affect more than one module, or a module with fewer changes made than required to provide a separate section for that module.


SAML Authentication
Ticket Number: N/A
GitLab ID: Matrix!4989
DICE now offers SAML Authentication for Matrix. Right now, we only offer this integration with SP initiated SAML providers.
Path: Matrix

Default User Type Flag
Ticket Number: 318458
GitLab ID: Matrix!4992
Additional flag, Default User Type, added to the DCFlags Setup page within Matrix. This flag allows users to set a default value to the Dealer or Subdealer field used when creating users via Matrix User Maintenance.
Path: Matrix > DCFlags Setup > Web Tab > Default User Type flag option

Caller Assistance Queued Changes
Ticket Number: 318206
GitLab ID: Matrix!4996
Users can now add the Queued Changes tab to the Caller Assistance page within Matrix. Queued Changes is a new option available when assigning tabs within Tab Setup.
Path: Matrix > Tab Setup > Select Caller Assistance > Select the Applicable Profile > Select Queued Changes

Sorting Accounts By Dealer Availability
Ticket Number: 310759
GitLab ID: Matrix!5086
Users can now sort their assigned accounts by availability when searching for subscriber accounts throughout Matrix. The sort drop-down option Dealer Assigned will sort account numbers accordingly when selected.
Path: Matrix > Any Matrix page with the Subscriber Select option > Subscriber Magnifying Glass Icon > Sort drop-down > Dealer Assigned option

User Assistance Page
Ticket Number: 321100
GitLab ID: Matrix!5154 & Core!1683
New Matrix page, User Assistance, allows non-admin users to update passwords and reset login attempts to Matrix.
Path: Matrix > User Assistance

User Maintenance for SAML Users
Ticket Number: 321223
GitLab ID: Matrix!5172 & Core!1700
If users are configured to use SAML authentication for login, you will not be required to input a password within Matrix User Maintenance when creating new users on your system.
Path: Matrix > User Maintenance > Create New User

Hiding Inactive Accounts
Ticket Number: 310759
GitLab ID: Matrix!5185
The Hide Inactive Accounts option will be hidden from view if users select the Dealer Assigned option from the Sort drop-down. The only accounts the Dealer Assigned option can display are active accounts so the Hide Inactive Accounts option is not applicable to this selection.
Path: Matrix > Any page that uses the Subscriber Search option

Replay Video Option
Ticket Number: 319510
GitLab ID: Matrix!5235 & Core!1799
The More Options toolbar option within Matrix History now provides the option Replay Video. Users can select this option to view any video information saved regarding the selected history event.
Path: Matrix > History > View History Information > Select Event > Select More Options > Select Replay Video

Additional Preventative Maintenance Columns
Ticket Number: 318316
GitLab ID: Matrix!5236
Additional column options have been added to the Preventative Maintenance column management options. The following columns are now accessible when selecting the Columns toolbar option within Preventative Maintenance:
Labor Hours
Travel Hours
Miles Needed
Number of Techs
Path: Matrix > Preventative Maintenance > Columns Option

Adding Custom Messages to SMS Notifications
Ticket Number: 322736
GitLab ID: Matrix!5275 & Core!1840
Custom messages can be added to alarm notifications users receive via SMS. When setting up SMS notification skins, the Note field will appear after selecting an alarm type.
Path: Matrix > Dealer Skin Maintenance

Unlocking Accounts
Ticket Number: 323895
GitLab ID: Matrix!5313
Updated the Unlock Accounts page with additional toolbar options: Unlock All, Unlock User, and Unlock Row to give users more functionality when unlocking accounts.
Path: Matrix > Unlock Account

Grid Manager Update
Ticket Number: 323928
GitLab ID: Matrix!5329
Users can now access Live History Scroll from the Grid Manager page within Matrix.
Path: Matrix > Grid Manager

Sales Toolbar Option
Ticket Number: 312686
GitLab ID: Matrix!5338
Combined the Sales Information Access, Sales Settings, and Lead Source Codes toolbar options into one option labeled Sales. This option is currently available in Matrix User Maintenance.
Path: Matrix > Matrix User Maintenance


Emergency Contacts Fix
Ticket Number: 317780
GitLab ID: Matrix!4965
Corrected issue that caused emergency contact names to display coding when displaying in the table. Contact names will now display properly within the table in Residential Portal.
Path: Matrix > Residential Portal > Contacts

Phone Masking Fix
Ticket Number: 317646
GitLab ID: Core!1488
Corrected issue encountered by some users where the phone masking, (XXX) XXX-XXXX, would not be properly applied when assigning prefixes to phone numbers.
Path: Matrix > MADE > XMHTTPSI

Displaying Default Zone Messages
Ticket Number: 317617
GitLab ID: Core!1516
Corrected issue some users encountered where SMS messages would not display default zone messages when applicable.
Path: Matrix > SMS CRM

Matrix Made Query Fix
Ticket Number: 321022 & 323272
GitLab ID: Core!1649 & Matrix!5250
Corrected issue some users encountered when viewing Suffix tables within Matrix Made. Users can now query Suffix related information normally when using Matrix Made Queries.
Path: Matrix > MADE