Newest Build

Version 44 introduces new functionality and bug fixes to the software. These enhancements are the most exciting changes to the software.

Tech Assist

The new Tech Assist application was designed with your service technicians in mind. This app assists your users in quickly accessing account information while on-site to allow them to troubleshoot or configure the client’s security solution.

  • Quickly search for accounts across your entire platform
  • View and update account contacts
  • Place the account and zones on test
  • View detailed account history

And more! Read the comprehensive Tech Assist Documentation for detailed information on available features.

Download the app from the Google Play Store!

Quickly select emails

Two new toolbar options (Include All & Clear All) allow users to quickly select and deselect emails. These options are available anywhere users have access to the Send Email function within Matrix.

Copy dealer chart definitions

Users can now copy chart codes from one dealer to another. The Copy Dealer Chart Definitions is a new toolbar option available within the Dealer Chart table within Dealer Maintenance. Use this option to quickly apply existing chart codes to dealers within your system.

Share streams

The Share Streams option available within Matrix Monitoring allows users to generate a link to account camera streams. This link can then be shared with authorities and contacts to provide quick access to camera views.

Video Wall available within Monitoring

Adding Video Wall to your second Monitoring screen provides instant access to view all camera stream live views on the account. Video Wall will display all cameras assigned to the account whose alarm you are currently viewing. This allows operators to quickly assess situations on site to provide detailed information to authorities as needed.

View CSV reports within a grid

The View as Grid option available within the My Reports tab allows users to view CSV reports within a separate window as a Matrix grid. Users can then search, print, and interact with the grid the same way they can any other grid within Matrix.

New reports added

We have been steadily adding reports to the new Report Manager! These reports can be quickly accessed and distributed as necessary.

  • Summary Disable
  • Dealer Information Sheets
  • Dealer Account Range
  • Globals
  • Line Assignment & Status
  • Dealer Contact
  • Dealer Name & Address
  • Service Level
  • Login/Logout History
  • Excessive Signals
  • Operator Account Analysis
  • Activity by the Hour
  • Work Contribution
  • Excessive Response Time
  • Excessive Time on Hold
  • Count of Signals by Resolution

View SMS message queues

The Show Queues option within Send SMS Opt In Messages page allows users to view all opt in messages currently pending within the system. This allows users to quickly assess message statuses and troubleshoot issues.

Storm Mode templates

Storm Mode Templates is a new page within Matrix that allows users to create and manage basic templates for creating Storm Mode entries. Creating a template allows users to quickly assign general parameters to Storm Mode entries when storming signals.