Notify Message

The SMS Notify Message page allows users to set the default message sent to contacts who receive SMS notifications when alarms are received on their accounts.


Assign a message

The SMS Message field is where users can input the text they wish contacts to see when receiving an SMS from the system. Users can input the information they wish contacts to receive into this field.


The Message Codes table displays a list of shortened keys the system will replace with the appropriate account information. Users can place these codes within the SMS Message text to autofill the information with the contact’s applicable account/event information.

For example: the code %anb% will automatically be replaced with the contact’s account number within the message.

Perform the following steps to assign a message.

  1. Input the desired information into the SMS Message field.
    • Example Message: %d% rcvd a %t% at %at%, respond by %V% %URL%
    • The above message could display as:
      Dealer Name rcvd a E130 at 23:45, respond by 05:00
  2. Select Save to complete assigning the message.

Applicable contacts will now receive the saved message by default when receiving a message regarding alarms on their account.