Operator Schedules

The Schedules tab within Outbound Quantum Operator allows users to create schedules users can then assign to settings found throughout the available QO tabs. This documentation instructs users on how to create and manage schedules. See the Operator Types documentation for information on assigning schedules to QO settings.


Users can interact with the Schedules table via the available toolbar options. These options are defined below.

DetailsAllows users to manage the days and times assigned to schedules. More information on assigning details can be found below.
AddAllows users to create new schedules. More information on adding schedules can be found below.
EditAllows users to update existing schedules’ names and descriptions.
DeleteRemoves the selected schedule from the table. When deleting schedules, users will be prompted to select a replacement schedule to apply to any affected settings.
ReloadRefreshes the table to display up-to-date information.


Selecting Add from the toolbar will display the Add Schedule dialog box.


Perform the following steps to add a schedule to the system.

  1. Input a name for the schedule into the Key field.
  2. Input a brief explanation for the schedule into the Description field.
  3. Select Save.
    • The schedule will automatically display within the Schedules table.
  4. Select the new schedule and select Details from the toolbar options.
    • This will display the Details dialog box. image
  5. Select Add from the Details toolbar.
    • This will display the Add Schedule Day dialog box. image
  6. Select the day or days that should be added to the schedule from the Day dropdown.
    • SUN - SAT: Each individual day of the week.
    • ALL: Every day of the week.
    • DAY: Business days of the week (Mon-Fri) only.
    • END: Weekending days of the week (Sat & Sun) only.
  7. Input the time (in 24-hour format) the schedule will begin being valid into the From Time field.
  8. Input the time (in 24-hour format) the schedule will stop being valid into the To Time field.
  9. Select Save to complete adding the days and times to the schedule.
    • If a multiple day option was selected, each individual day will populate the Details table.
  10. If applicable, users can select individual days and the Edit option to refine specific days and times as necessary.
  11. Repeat steps 5-10 to add all applicable days and times to the schedule.
  12. Close out of the Details dialog box to complete assigning days and times.

Repeat the above steps as necessary to create additional schedules.