Operator Menu Entry

The Menu Entry tab allows users to define IVR menus OBV can use when speaking to contacts. Users can interact with the Menu Entry table via the available toolbar options. These options are defined below.


Menu OptionsAllows users to define the numeric options and their function within the menu. More information about assigning menu options can be found below.
AddAllows users to create a new menu option. More information on adding menus can be found below.
EditAllows users to update existing menus.
DeleteRemoves the selected menu from the table.
ReloadRefreshes the table to display up-to-date information.


Selecting Add will display the Add Menu dialog box.


Perform the following steps to create a new menu.

  1. Input an identifier for the menu into the Menu Name field.
    • Note: Once created, this name cannot be updated in the system.
  2. Input the initial message contacts will hear into the Menu Heading field.
  3. Input the extension contacts will be transferred to if they request to speak to an operator into the Transfer Extension field.
  4. Input the message OBV will say after reading the final menu option into the After Last Option Text field.
  5. Select Save to complete creating a basic menu.
    • All menus are assigned any default menu options upon creation.
  6. Select the new menu from the table and select Menu Options from the toolbar.
    • This will display the Menu Options dialog box. image
  7. Select Add from the Menu Options toolbar.
    • This will display the Add Menu Option dialog box. image
  8. Input the single digit contacts should press to select the option into the Choice field.
  9. Input the applicable menu option contacts should have access to into the Menu Option field.
    • Users can also select the magnifying glass option to search for and select a menu option.
  10. If applicable, update the default option text within the Menu Option Text field.
    • This defines the text OBV will say to users as the choice number definition.
    • For Example: “Press two [menu option text].”
  11. Select when OBV will state this option from the Choice Order dropdown.
    • For Example: if 3 is selected here, the option will be read third.
  12. Select Save to complete assigning options to the menu.
  13. Repeat steps 7-11 for all menu options as necessary.
  14. Close the Menu Options dialog box to complete creating the menu.

Repeat the above steps as necessary for all menus.