PBX Whitelist

The PBX Firewall Whitelist page allows administrators to manage the IP addresses allowed to communicate with their system. The following documentation assumes the user is familiar with their network and the general management of IPs.


External PBX CIDR Allow List

The External PBX CIDR Allow List table is where all whitelisted IPs will display. Once whitelisted, the system will allow traffic from the IP. Users can interact with this table via the available toolbar options. These options are defined below.


Add to FirewallAllows users to whitelist additional IPs. More information on adding IPs to your firewall can be found below.
Remove from FirewallRemoves the selected IP from the whitelist.

Add to Firewall

Selecting Add to Firewall from the toolbar will display the Add Rule dialog box.


Perform the following steps to add a new IP to your firewall.

  1. Input the IP Address that should be whitelisted into the available field.
  2. Input a brief explanation of the IP into the Description field.
  3. Select Add to complete whitelisting the IP.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for all desired IP addresses.


The MIV Device CIDR table displays all stream IPs data entered within Matrix Interactive. This table allows users to quickly whitelist stream IPs to allow the camera streams to display within Matrix.


Select the Add to Firewall option to automatically whitelist the selected stream IP. Once added, the In Allow List column will update to Yes for the selected stream. This column allows users to quickly filter streams by their whitelist status.