Speco Cameras

This documentation instructs users on how to configure Speco network cameras to deliver video alarms to Matrix.

This documentation is intended for individuals who are familiar with the setup and use of their network cameras. Users are expected to be familiar with the following:

  • How to access their camera GUI
  • Basic understanding of navigating and configuring the settings within the GUI
  • Data entering camera information within Camera Setup

Camera Setup

Prior to configuring your Speco camera within its GUI, you will need to data enter the the camera within Matrix. Speco cameras require a specific setup in order to report events. This documentation will instruct users what settings to select when data entering cameras. See the Camera Setup documentation for more detailed information on the available options.

Perform the following steps to data enter a Speco camera.

  1. Navigate to Camera Setup within Matrix.
  2. Input the desired account number the camera should be assigned to into the Account Number field.
  3. Select Add Stream.
    • This will display the Add Stream dialog box. image
  4. Input a name for the camera into the Description field.
  5. Select None from the Live View Integration dropdown.
    • This will remove the RTSP Settings fields as they are no longer necessary.
    • This will also set the Events Only Stream field to True. image
  6. Select True from the Show Advanced Processing Options dropdown.
    • This will display additional camera settings. image
  7. Select False from the Use Custom AI/Verification Provider dropdown.
  8. Select True from the Ignore Regions of Interest dropdown.
  9. Select Save Stream to complete data entering the camera.

Once saved, users will have access to the camera’s assigned SMTP Settings.


Take note of this information as it will be used in the next steps to configure the Speco camera to deliver emails to DICE.

Speco Interface

The following screenshots are of a Speco H.265 IP Turret Camera’s browser interface. Depending on the model of camera you’re configuring, your interface may look different; however, the fields you will be populating should be located in similar areas and named in a similar fashion (if not identical).

Access your camera the way you normally would to configure its basic settings. This documentation is accessing the camera from a browser window (Chrome) using its Local IP/HTTP Port.


Network Setup

Once logged in to the camera interface, you can configure the camera’s network credentials to deliver emails to Matrix via SMTP. These emails will deliver as alarms to Matrix Monitoring.

Perform the following steps to configure SMTP on the camera.

  1. Select the Network Setup tab.
  2. Select the Ports/Connections option.
    • This will display the Advanced network options of the device. image
  3. Select the Email tab.
    • This will display the SMTP options of the device. image
  4. Input a valid email address into the Sender Address field.
  5. Input the username used to log in to the device into the Username field.
  6. Input the password used to log in to the device into the Password field.
  7. Input the Server address generated under the stream’s SMTP Settings into the Server Address field.
  8. Select Unnecessary from the Secure Connection dropdown.
  9. Input 26 into the SMTP Port field.
  10. Select the Send Interval option.
  11. Input 60 into the Send Interval field.
  12. Input the Recipient address generated under the stream’s SMTP Settings into the Recipient Address field
  13. Select Add to assign the recipient.
  14. Select Save to complete configuring the SMTP settings.

Event Setup

Once SMTP information is assigned, you can configure the camera to attach an image to sent emails. These images will be attached to the generated alarms so operators can view what’s occurring on-site.

Perform the following steps to configure events.

  1. Select the Event Setup tab.
  2. Select the Motion Detection option.
    • This will display the Motion Detection setup options. image
  3. Confirm the Alarm Config tab is selected.
  4. Select the Enable option.
  5. Select 20 Seconds from the Alarm Holding Time dropdown.
  6. Select the Trigger Snapshot option.
  7. Select the Trigger SD Recording option.
  8. Select the Trigger Email option.
  9. Select the Attach Email option.
  10. Select the Recipient Address added.
  11. Select the Attach Email option next to the address.
  12. Input the desired text into the Email Subject field.
  13. Select Save to complete configuring event settings.

Your Speco camera is now configured as an Events Only Stream within Matrix Interactive. When the camera triggers on the account, it will attach an image to the emailed event.