Camera Brand Introduction

This documentation instructs users on how to configure specific camera brands to properly send video clips to DICE. Users are expected to understand how to log in to and manage their devices from the camera GUI.

Prior to configuring cameras, first data enter them within Matrix. Once data entered, users will have access to the SMTP Information required to proceed. See the Add Stream documentation for instructions on how to assign cameras to subscriber accounts.

Device brands

The brands supported by DICE, and their respective documentation, are listed below.

Alibi Cameras

Anjvision Cameras

Avigilon Cameras

Axis Cameras

General NVR

Calipsa Setup

Digital Watchdog Cameras

Ganz Cameras

Geovision Cameras

Geovision NVRs

HanWha Wave Cameras

Hikvision Cameras

Honeywell NVRs

Luxriot VMS

Platinum/LTS Cameras

Sightlogix Cameras

Speco Cameras

Synology NAS

Thermal Radar Cameras

Uniview Cameras

Vivotek Cameras