Digital Watchdog Cameras

The following documentation instructs users on how to locate necessary camera information within their Digital Watchdog web interface. This information is then used to properly set up the camera within Matrix. See the Add Stream documentation for instructions on how to data enter cameras within Matrix.


This document contains supplemental documentation intended to be used in conjunction with your Digital Watchdog users’ manual. This document assumes the user is familiar with the setup and use of their Digital Watchdog Cameras and has a copy of the applicable manual nearby to reference when necessary.

Before proceeding to the following steps, access the camera from your browser.

Camera Details

This section instructs users on how to obtain the camera’s ID used to properly data enter Digital Watchdog cameras within Matrix.

Perform the following steps to view a camera’s assigned ID.

  1. Select the View tab. image
  2. Select the applicable camera. image
  3. Select the gear icon in the upper right of the camera live view. image
  4. Select the Camera Details option. image

The CameraID will display beneath the camera’s assigned name. This is the ID users will input into the Path field defined within Camera Setup. See the Add Stream documentation for more information on camera RTSP settings.