Unlock Account

The Unlock Account page allows users to quickly unlock subscriber accounts and Matrix users. Accounts become locked in the system when a user is viewing subscriber information within Matrix or CORE Data Entry. This prevents multiple users from attempting to make changes to one account at the same time.

When an account is locked, users will see a message in Data Entry informing them the account information is read-only and cannot be updated.


The Unlock Account page is helpful in situations where a user forgot to log off or exit an account which prevents other users from updating the account’s information. In this scenario, the user locking the account can be unlocked so other users will have editing privileges. This documentation instructs users on how to unlock accounts.

Users can interact with the Locked Accounts table via the available toolbar options. These options are defined below.


Unlock RowUnlocks the selected account.
Unlock UserUnlocks all accounts being locked by the selected user.
Unlock AllUnlocks all accounts displaying within the table.
ReloadRefreshes the table to display up-to-date information.

Once an account has been unlocked, users can edit account information as necessary.

Please Note: After an account is unlocked, any unsaved data will be lost.
For Example: User A is viewing Account 1 and made changes they have not yet saved. User B unlocks Account 1 because they would like to make changes. When User A attempts to save their changes, they will get an error saying the account is now locked by User B.