Sublist Maintenance

The Sublist Maintenance page allows users to create and manage their available account sublists. Sublists of accounts are groupings of accounts organized by specific information as determined by the user.


The following documentation instructs users on how to create new sublists in the system. Once created, users can organize various information and run reports based on sublist within the system.

Creating Sublists

Perform the following steps to create a new sublist of accounts.

  1. Input the desired identifier for the sublist into the Sublist Name field.
    • This identifier can be a maximum of six alphanumeric characters.
  2. Input a brief explanation of the sublist into the Description field.
  3. Select Save List to first save the list prior to adding accounts.

Once populated, the Accounts on Sublist table will display.


Users can interact with the table via the available toolbar options. These options are defined below.

Clear Accounts From ListRemoves all accounts from the list.
AddAllows users to assign additional accounts to the list. More information about adding accounts can be found below.
DeleteRemoves the selected account from the list.
ReloadRefreshes the table to display up-to-date information.

Add Accounts

Selecting Add from the toolbar will display the Add Account dialog box.


Perform the following steps to add an account to the sublist.

  1. Input the desired subscriber account ID into the Account Number field.
    • Users can also select the magnifying glass icon to search for and select an account. See the Account Number Search documentation for more information on selecting a subscriber account.
  2. Select Save & Close to complete adding the selected account to the list.
    • Users can also select the Save & Add More option to add the selected account and repeat Step 1 to add additional accounts.
  3. Repeat Steps 1 & 2 as necessary to add all applicable accounts to the new sublist.