Field Setup

Field Setup can be used to manage the functionality and display parameters of fields found throughout Matrix. This documentation instructs admin users on how to restrict or expand other users’ access to available fields.

In order to set the visible and editable fields, an administrative user must first complete the following steps.

  1. Add the necessary flags to make Field Setup accessible on a Matrix profile.
  2. Add that Matrix profile and menu to the administrator’s username.
  3. Make the necessary changes in Field Setup for users attached to that profile.

After performing these steps (explained in detail below), be sure to change the users’ menus who are also using this profile. Those users should not have access to Field Setup if they are not admin users. If a non-admin user’s username is using this Matrix profile they are able to setup fields for every other user with that Matrix profile.

For detailed information on User Maintenance and its available options, see the User Maintenance documentation.

Profile Flag Setup for Field Setup

Perform the following steps to make Field Setup accessible on a profile:

  1. Access Matrix User Maintenance.
  2. Select User Profiles to open the profile lookup. image
  3. Select the profile you would like to add Field Setup access to.
  4. Select that profile from the grid and select Edit to open Edit Profile. image
  5. Select Manage Field Access.
  6. Select Save to save the profile.

Users with this profile will now be able to make changes to to the visible and available fields in Data Entry and Caller Assistance.

To change a user’s profile, select a user from the Matrix User Maintenance grid and select Edit from the toolbar. Use the magnifying glass next to the Profile Name field to lookup and select the profile.


Using Field Setup

Once a user has the appropriate flag set, they’ll have access to the wrench () icon next to the Account Number field in both Data Entry and Caller Assistance.


To begin using field setup, input an account number in the designated field and load an account. Once the account has loaded, select the wrench () icon to display the Field Setup functionality on the entire page.


Using the icons, you can manage the functionality of the field. The available icons are defined below.

Icon ToggleFunction
/ Toggle between and . means the field is visible. means the field is not visible.
/ Toggle between and . means the field cannot be changed and is read-only. means the field can be edited.
/ Switches from to . means the field can be either uppercase or lowercase. means the field will be saved in uppercase.
NOTE: Once a field has been switched to uppercase, it cannot toggle between case types. In order to allow the field to save as a case other than uppercase, make sure the icon appears next to the field and retype the contents of the field in your preferred case.