Dealer Notify by Email Type

The Notify by Email Type tab is used to customize the various types of emails sent out by the dealer. Users can interact with the table via the available toolbar options. These options are defined below.


AddAllows users to set up new notify type parameters. More information on this can be found below.
EditAllows users to update the selected notify type’s settings.
DeleteRemoves the selected notify type from the table.
ReloadRefreshes the table to display up-to-date information.

Adding Notify

Selecting Add will display the Add dialog box.


Perform the following steps to create a new email notify type.

  1. Select the applicable email group from the Email Type drop-down.
    • This is the custom list of emails available for the dealer to customize.
  2. Select the applicable email address from the From Email drop-down.
    • This is the email address the email will originate from.
  3. Select the applicable email address that replies should be routed to from the To Email drop-down.
  4. Select the list of contacts that will receive the resulting emails from the Notify List drop-down.
  5. Input the information that will populate the email’s subject line into the Subject field.
    • This subject line can use tags. Tags are used in our software to reference a specific variable. For example, if the tag %a% is used, when a page is sent to a contact, that %a% will be replaced with the account number. See the Notify List Tags documentation for a comprehensive list of available tags.
  6. If applicable, input the name that will be assigned to any attached files into the Filename field.
  7. If applicable, input the name that will be assigned to any attached files as it appears in DCPRTPDF.
  8. If applicable, select whether or not report information should be attached to the email or displayed in the body from the Report in body not attachment drop-down.
    • Y: Yes, display the report in the body of the email.
    • N: No, attach the report to the email as a separate attachment.
  9. Select Save to add the notify parameters to the table.