Notify by Zone Type

The Notify by Zone Type sub-tab is where users determine which contacts receive email notifications regarding specific alarm activity. When alarms are received, users can configure the system to send out an email notification to specific contacts. The following documentation instructs users on how to create these notifications.


Users can interact with the Notify by Zone Type table via the available options. These options are defined below.

Delete AllRemoves all notifies from the subscriber.
AddAllows users to create new notifies. More information on adding notifies can be found below.
EditAllows users to update existing notifies.
DeleteRemoves the selected notify from the subscriber.
ReloadRefreshes the table to display up-to-date information.


Selecting Add from the toolbar will display the Select Notify by Type dialog box.


Perform the following steps to create a new notify.

  1. Select all applicable alarm types from the Zone Types table.
    • These are the alarms that, when received, the system will notify selected contacts via email.
  2. Select the Email List tab to display the available email options. image
  3. Input the name of the desired list into the Email List field.
    • This defines the group of people the system should email when the selected alarm type is received.
    • Users can also select the magnifying glass icon to search for and select an email list.
    • See the Notify Lists & Paging documentation for more information on managing notify lists.
  4. Select the notification parameters the system should follow from the Activate dropdown.
    • Both: When the alarm type is received, the system will notify both the subscriber email list and its applicable dealer email list.
      • Please Note: The selected Email List must exist on the dealer level and must be named the same as the selected list.
    • Level: When the alarm type is received, the system will notify the subscriber’s dealer notify list only.
      • Please Note: The selected Email List must also exist on the dealer in order for the system to properly notify the contacts on the list on the dealer level.
    • Subscriber: When the alarm type is received, the system will notify the selected Email List on the subscriber account only.
  5. Select Save to complete creating the notification.

Repeat the above steps as necessary to create additional notifications for alarm types.