SMS Notify

The SMS Notify sub-tab is where users define the alarm signal types the system will notify contacts of via an SMS message. Please note that these messages are only sent to those contacts who have agreed to receive automated SMS messages. See the Opt In documentation for more information on how to opt contacts into receiving text message notifications.


Users can interact with the SMS Notify tab via the available toolbar options. These options are defined below.

AddAllows users to assign new parameters to SMS notify messages. More information on adding these parameters can be found below.
EditAllows users to update existing SMS notify types as necessary.
DeleteRemoves the selected alarm type from the table. Once deleted, the system will cease sending notifications on that type.
ReloadRefreshes the table to display up-to-date information.


Selecting Add from the toolbar will display the Add SMS Delay dialog box.


Perform the following steps to create a new SMS Notify.

  1. Input the desired alarm signal the system should notify on into the Type field.
  • Users can also select the magnifying glass to search for and select an alarm type.
  1. Input the number of minutes the system should wait before notifying contacts into the Delay Minutes field.
  2. Select Save to complete creating the SMS Notify.
  3. Repeat the above steps as necessary for all alarm types the system should notify contacts about.

Once all options are configured as necessary, users can select the Save All option to complete assigning the settings to the subscriber.