Other Tab Introduction

The Other tab is used to manage miscellaneous alarm handling and notification settings on the subscriber account. This documentation outlines the available options and their use to users. Corresponding detailed documentation is linked throughout this document.


Users can manage this information via the available tabs. Each tab is briefly defined below.

AM NotifyThe AM Notify tab is used to configure automated report settings for reports sent via email or fax. See the AM Notify documentation for more information on managing automated notifications.
Event DescriptionThe Event Description tab is used to override existing descriptions for system-generated signals (LTO, LTC, etc.). See the Event Description documentation for more information on updating descriptions.
False Alarm EntryThe False Alarm Entry tab is used to configure the maximum number of times operators can assign a signal resolution to alarms received on the account. See the False Alarm Entry documentation for more information on assigning false alarm limits.
Fax/EmailThe Fax/Email tab is used to define contact information for individuals who should receive reports via fax or email. See the Fax/Email documentation for more information on automated report notifications.
Log Duplicate Signal TimerThe Log Duplicate Signal Timer tab is used to define the amount of time the system will wait before automatically handling duplicate signals. More information on setting the duplicate signal timer can be found below.
Mailing AddressThe Mailing Address tab is used to define physical addresses on the account. More information on assigning a mailing address can be found below.
Notify by Email TypeThe Notify by Email Type tab is used to customize the various emails sent out by the subscriber. See the Notify by Email Type documentation for more information on automated notifications.
PartitioningPartitioning allows users to route signals received on one account to multiple accounts. It is recommended users contact DICE Support prior to attempting to partition an account to confirm partitioning is necessary.

Log Duplicate Signal Timer

The Log Duplicate Signal Timer tab is where users configure the length of time the system should wait before system handling duplicate signals.


Input the number of minutes the system should wait before system handling duplicate signals into the available text field.


Once assigned, when the system receives the initial duplicate signal on an alarm, it will wait the defined number of minutes before handling the signal.

Mailing Address

The Mailing Address tab is used to define additional addresses on the subscriber. These addresses will display on reports if the account is properly configured within CORE.


Perform the following steps to assign a mailing address to the subscriber.

  1. Input the subscriber’s name or company into the Subscriber field.
  2. Input the street address number and name into the Addr Line 1 field.
  3. If applicable, input the suite or apartment number into the Addr Line 2 field.
  4. Input the city, state, and zip code into the Addr Line 3 field.
  5. If applicable, input the name or department that should be included on the address into the Attn field.
  6. Select Save to complete adding the address to the subscriber.
  7. Repeat the above steps as necessary to assign more mailing addresses to the account.

Editing Mailing Addresses

Selecting the magnifying glass next to the Address # field will display the Mail Address Lookup dialog box.


Selecting an existing address will populate the Mailing Address fields with the address’s information. Users can then update the address as necessary or select the Delete option to remove the address from the subscriber.