API Overview

The MADE API is organized around REST. Our API allows you to view and manage your Matrix/Core data. The purpose of this overview is to introduce the reader to the API and its use cases. If you’re familiar with APIs and want to get started right away, see our Get Started guide.


This documentation is intended for developers and individuals who understand how to make REST API calls. It is assumed you are familiar with making HTTP web requests in your preferred programming language.

If you are unfamiliar with calling APIs, you can reference our Postman Tutorial for step-by-step instructions on how to call the API from Postman.

Common use cases

  • Sending alarm signals
  • Importing customer data
  • Displaying customer data on your app
  • Managing customer data

How it works

DICE groups related functionality into endpoints. Each endpoint will typically have options for managing the data for its resource. Send POST requests to these endpoints and specify a form URL encoded option as well as the form URL encoded other fields pertaining to that option. Output format can be XML, JSON, or CSV as specified by the HTTP Accept header. Authentication for every request is done with custom HTTP headers.

To retrieve paginated listings of table data with optional filters, send a GET request to the URL appropriate to that table.

Get Started

Ready to put it into practice? Proceed to the Get Started or Postman Tutorial documentation to make your first API call.