Get On Hold Alarms

This documentation will describe the Get On Hold Alarms (XMAHOLD) endpoint. This endpoint allows users to obtain a list of alarms currently within the hold queue of Alarm Monitoring.

Use cases

  • Configuring an external alerting product to send a notification if a service is down.
  • Managing a status monitor that shows if anything is down.
  • Monitoring the age of on hold alarms.

Supported attributes

*setMethodstringYesDetermines the endpoint you are calling. Must be XMAHOLD to view on hold alarms.

Example request

curl --location "*view=xmsubmit" \
--header 'X-DICE-APPKEY: {{X-DICE-APPKEY}}' \
--header 'X-DICE-DATE: {{X-DICE-DATE}}' \
--header 'X-DICE-NONCE: {{X-DICE-NONCE}}' \
--header 'X-DICE-DIGEST: {{X-DICE-DIGEST}}' \
--header 'Accept: application/json' \
--form '*setMethod="XMAHOLD"'

Example response

    "ALTRAFIC": [
            "INCIDENT_NUMBER": "11563172",
            "DATE": "03/29/2024",
            "ALARM_TIME": "00:00:02",
            "ACCOUNT_NUMBER": "  CENTRAL",
            "COMPANY_NAME": "DICE CENTRAL STATION        ",
            "TYPE": "ALERT ",
            "PASSCODE_VERIFIED": "N",
            "OPERATOR": "KMN",
            "CREATE_TICKET": "N",
            "NEED_DISPATCHED": "Y",
            "BEEN_ON_HOLD": "N",
            "NEED_DEALER": "Y",
            "HISTORY_EVENT_NTD": "738976.00002",
            "ALARM_CATEGORY": "N",
            "TIME_TO_RETURN": "738980.45136",
            "PENDING_TIME": "738976.00002",
            "ON_HOLD_NTD": "738980.41733",
            "REASON_FOR_HOLD": "Testing API              ",
            "PRIORITY": "z",
            "MASTER_INCIDENT": "11563172",
            "MASTER_INCIDENT_NTD": "738976.00002",
            "HOLD_SIGNAL_PRIORITY": "M"
            "INCIDENT_NUMBER": "11563395",
            "DATE": "03/31/2024",
            "ALARM_TIME": "23:59:08",
            "ACCOUNT_NUMBER": "    KMN12",
            "COMPANY_NAME": "Documentation Surveillance  ",
            "TYPE": "*LTC* ",
            "PASSCODE_VERIFIED": "N",
            "OPERATOR": "KMN",
            "FIRST_ZONE": "LTC      ",
            "CREATE_TICKET": "N",
            "SEIA_CONDITION": "LATE TO CLOSE                 ",
            "CONTACT_LIST": "NOTIFY",
            "NEED_RP_CONTACTED": "Y",
            "BEEN_ON_HOLD": "N",
            "NEED_DEALER": "Y",
            "HISTORY_EVENT_NTD": "738978.99940",
            "ALARM_CATEGORY": "C",
            "TIME_TO_RETURN": "738980.45166",
            "PENDING_TIME": "738978.99940",
            "ON_HOLD_NTD": "738980.41763",
            "REASON_FOR_HOLD": "Testing API              ",
            "PRIORITY": "z",
            "MASTER_INCIDENT": "11563395",
            "MASTER_INCIDENT_NTD": "738978.99940",
            "HOLD_SIGNAL_PRIORITY": "M",
            "TRACK_GROUPING": "ALARM ",
            "MASTER_TRACK_GROUP": "ALARM "
    "SYSTEM_TIME": "20240402100130",
    "TOTAL_RECORDS": "2"

Response fields

INCIDENT_NUMBERUnique identifier created by the system and assigned to the event.
DATEThe date the alarm was received by the system in MM/DD/YYY format.
ALARM_TIMEThe time the alarm was received by the system in HH:MM:SS format.
ACCOUNT_NUMBERThe subscriber account the alarm is assigned to (the account the alarm came in from).
COMPANY_NAMEThe primary company name or the name of the individual responsible for the account.
TYPEThe alarm code received.
PASSCODE_VERIFIEDWhether or not a passcode was verified on the alarm.
OPERATORThe operator code of the individual who placed the alarm on hold.
FIRST_ZONEThe zone code sent by the panel.
CREATE_TICKETWhether or not this alarm type should create a ticket in the system.
SEIA_CONDITIONCustom description sent in by the panel.
CONTACT_LISTThe account (or dealer) contact list assigned to this alarm type.
NEED_RP_CONTACTEDWhether or not the responding parties on the contact list must be contacted for this alarm type.
BEEN_ON_HOLDWhether or not the alarm has been placed on hold before.
NEED_DEALERWhether or not the dealer must be contacted.
HISTORY_EVENT_NTDThe time the alarm was received by the system in NTD format.
ALARM_CATEGORYThe category assigned to the alarm. See the Alarm Category documentation for descriptions of the categories.
TIME_TO_RETURNThe NTD time the alarm will be returned to pending.
PENDING_TIMEThe NTD time the alarm was delivered to pending.
ON_HOLD_NTDThe NTD time the alarm was placed on hold.
REASON_FOR_HOLDThe reason given by the operator why they placed the alarm on hold.
PRIORITYThe importance assigned to the alarm type.
MASTER_INCIDENTIn the event multiple signals are received, this is the incident number assigned to the initial alarm.
MASTER_INCIDENT_NTDIn the event multiple signals are received, this is the NTD time the initial alarm was received.
HOLD_SIGNAL_PRIORITYIf applicable, the new priority the operator assigned to the alarm upon placing it on hold.
TRACK_GROUPINGThe operator track group this alarm type is assigned to.
MASTER_TRACK_GROUPIn the event multiple signals are received, this is the operator track group assigned to the initial alarm.
SYSTEM_TIMEThe current date and time in YYYYMMDDHHMISS format.
TOTAL_RECORDSThe number of events retrieved by the request.

Note: The NTD times are the dates and times coded in a custom format. See the Date Format documentation for instructions on how to convert NTD to UNIX (and vice versa) as necessary.